Human Services. Integrated.


Bytala's mission is to bridge the gap in health and human services and make a positive impact in the lives of children, adults and families through thoughtful use of technology.

Easily Capture Assessments of Clients Over Time

Improve Communication Across Agencies

Manage Guidance Plans with Clearer Insights

Solutions For Social Good.

Identify your client’s needs and strengths and work effectively towards positive outcomes.


Who is Bytala?

Bytala is a company that is passionate about helping improve the lives of children, families and adults. We help agencies identify, reach, qualify, engage, serve and transition their clients through effective use of technology in health and human services practice.

Drawing from our extensive backgrounds in behavioral health and child welfare, we have identified the barriers and constraints in case practice and have forged intelligent solutions to help bring clients, family and agencies together to reach positive outcomes more efficiently and effectively.


Reach clients and staff using  tools that effectively integrate across agencies.


Assessment data becomes visual story maps that clearly show strengths and needs.


Entire families and agency members take assessments capturing multiple voices.


Advanced reporting and guidance plans are easy to understand and interpret.


Help your clients feel more empowered in their guidance plan as they transform out.

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Workload Management Redefined.

We deploy a clinical assessment tools that measures responses over time to help transform data into actionable treatment and case plans.

Quickly gain insights into your workload based on their assessment data. Track resolved and unresolved needs, strengths to build and identify trends over time on an entire workload or individual client level.

Dynamic views of resolved/unresolved needs for entire workload or specific clients

Supervisor views of staff workload analytics and trending client assessment results

See what strengths and needs are most occurring across all clients

Assessment Alerts That Keep You In The Know.

Data gathered in the assessments trigger alerts for clients who may have potential crisis situations arise. Stay on top of client activity and workload activity and communicate with supervisors easily through our assessment platform.

Supervisors and staff are instantly notified when alerts are triggered from assessment scores

Staff across agencies and supervisors can make notes on alerts and discuss intervention tactics

Submitted assessments can be set to undergo supervisor approval or rejection

Let the Data Tell the Story.

Our exclusive Story Map builds a visual story for your clients based on the data captured in the various assessments completed for them. Visually explore your client's exposures, background needs, targeted needs and useful and targeted strengths and discuss how those elements fit into a case plan geared for personal growth and transformation.

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